wax beans from bibberche.com

Several years before Bibberche was even a germ of an idea, I stumbled upon my first food blog while reading eGullet, a fascinating site aimed at exploring every possible facet of food preparation, consumption, and production. The first time I clicked on a URL of a blog, I felt like Aladdin entering the cave filled with gold, pearls, and jewels, blinking in surprise and amazement. Another world opened up for me, and its pull was like a strong current leading into an unknown and unexplored territory promising immeasurable treasures.

I started on my adventure innocently, completely unaware of the impact of my Open, Sesame! Every click of my mouse led me to another beautifully written sentence and another gorgeous photograph. The people hiding behind these blogs were not residing between the covers of a book proudly displayed on a bookstore shelf. They were people like me who reveled in the written word, who were challenged by metaphors, who giggled in delight after every successfully managed alliteration, and patted themselves on the shoulder after triumphantly changing a cliche into a witty segment.

These were the people who could also whip up a souffle after working for eight hours and commuting for two, who were able to deposit a quivering, perfectly poached egg on top of wilted spinach and consistently grill a ribeye with the skill of an Old World butcher. Some of them wielded a digital camera as skillfully as a chef’s knife, and I would wait with breathless anticipation for my page to load, to be seduced by their photographs.

One of the first blogs I started reading was The Well Seasoned Cook. I am Serbian. Beans form a considerable part of my blood. I was instantly drawn to Susan’s My Legume Love Affair. For a few years I just lurked, feeling inadequate and not able to contribute as I was not a blogger. When I finally launched Bibberche, I held back again, painfully aware that my photographs of brown legumes are not only boring and colorless, but also out of focus most of the time.

Susan, an accomplished photographer, managed to look beyond my unsuccessful pictures and recognize me as a fellow wordsmith. She has been constantly encouraging me, offering tips and advice, and giving me hope. When she asked me to be one of the guest writers to launch the 4th year of My Legume Love Affair, I was flattered and excited, my mind swirling with ideas.

To read about Mother’s Creamy Wax Beans recipe and  a story accompanying it, visit Susan’s blog The Well Seasoned Cook. While you are there, browse around and allow yourself to be seduced by her images and her words.

Thank you, Susan, for counting me among your friends and allowing me to write a post for your blog. I hope that our friendship continues to grow and that one day we meet, in New Jersey, Southern California, or anywhere in between.