We were really busy today, as usual, as it’s the weekend. Food took a little longer, as it always does on busy days. A woman (a part of the couple sitting at the counter) became extremely frustrated and ranted at the waitress. All she said in response was “OK”. She alerted the manager immediately.

(My friends, your wait staff is NOT in control of your food. When we are busy, your food is going to take longer, and there is nothing we can do about it. Our cooks work like mad men to make it happen.)

The waitress sent our manager to talk to the disgruntled customer and, besides complaining about food taking “forever”, she told him the waitress was extremely rude.

The counter is separated from the kitchen line by a walkway and a service counter, and the wait staff spend a lot of time there. This is where we collect the food. This is where we have to be. Every time the waitress they complained about (again, she was in no way responsible for their food taking longer) walked by, the woman would say something nasty. She also spread her negativity to the people sitting close to her, so it became a chorus of really nasty remarks, voiced pretty loudly.

This particular waitress is one of the most beautiful, kindest spirits, nicest souls in the restaurant. All she said was “OK”. She did not try to defend, justify, argue… And still, every time she walked by, the customer threw a poisonous barb her way. She said to the manager that “the rude waitress deserved it”.

This kind-hearted friend of mine spent so much time today crying in the break room, not because she did anything wrong, but because a customer felt entitled to bully her for more than an hour… Because her food did not arrive fast on a busy Saturday morning. Of course, they did not pay for their meal, but that was not enough…

Please, be kind and considerate when you dine out:)