A youngish, professional-looking single woman sits at one of my two booths. It’s around 8:00 am. It’s her birthday this week – yay, fellow Pisces! – we establish a rapport. She orders a coffee and starts working on her Mac.

She orders, I get the food, she starts eating, still working. I bring more coffee. She is still on her laptop. I clear the dishes, bring more coffee.

It’s 11:30. We are really busy, wait time about 30 minutes. She is still there. I bring more coffee.

It’s 2:30 pm, and I am ready to go home. She finally leaves, cashes her birthday breakfast coupon, pays $3:06 on her Visa. She’s been in my section for six and a half hours, on her laptop.

She leaves me nothing. Zero. Nada. A big 0.

I could have made at least $50.00 (if I had the cheapest customers ever) while she monopolized my table. That, my friends, was beyond rude.

If you are engrossed in conversation with your girlfriends, holding hands with your boo, catching up on the family ancestry with your Mom, I am with you! But just remember that I make my money by turning tables, as this is a diner, and prices are pretty low. Do not be this woman. Be considerate and thoughtful!